11 Vastu Tips To Gain Health And Wealth

Everyone desires a contented, healthy and a wealthy home with all material comforts also as peace of mind. Use the below eleven Vastu tips in your home to draw in wealth.

Lord Kuber, the lord of wealth can shower you with prosperity if he’s happy with you. However a way to please the lord? If you follow these easy Vastu tips to realize wealth you’ll be able to sure as shooting please the lord and be endowed health and wealth always!

Here are eleven easy Vastu Tips to realize wealth and health –

1. We tend to keep our belongings and jewelry hold on in a money locker or a cabinet locker reception. In step with Vastu, it’s necessary to position this locker nearer to the south-west or the south wall up the space so it opens onto the north direction. This can be as a result of Lord Kuber resides within the north direction and if the locker opens in north, the lord can refill it over and yet again.

2. A money locker ought to never be placed beneath attention lightweight or beam. This means money stress on the family or Private Corporation.

3. Place a mirror before of your money locker so the image of the locker gets mirrored within the mirror. This can be symbolic of doubling of wealth.

4. The stairs ought to never be created within the north-east direction. This portion must always further from muddle and open because it helps to draw in wealth towards a private. No machinery ought to be unbroken during this direction also.

5. It’s best to avoid buying a plot of land that has high-rise buildings or temples before of the north-east aspect of your land. This results in a loss of wealth. Also, if this can be ineluctable then one has to make certain that these building structures don’t seem to be casting a shadow on your plot of land.

6. Once shopping for the plot to create your home or workplace, you would like to confirm that the land has identical elevation or is beyond the adjacent roads. No purpose in buying a chunk of plot that’s less than the road.

7. To stabilize finance, Vastu specialists recommend that planting massive trees within the south-west aspect of the plot can do lots of fine. Doing therefore conjointly helps to avoid any mishap or unfortunate events in family and Private Corporation.

8. However, planting trees within the north-east aspect can have the precise opposite impact, i.e. it’ll impede the flow of finances.

9. The centre portion of the house mustn’t have something. It ought to be freed from muddle or one will build a temple there as this can be called the Brahmasthan space within the house.

10. The west portion or the south-west portion within the home is smart for a store space.

11. Doors and windows must always be clean. If not, then they’ll impede the flow of wealth into the house.

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