18 Vastru Rules to Follow in Kitchen Design

Eating, inhalation and sleeping are the 3 most essential things for survival. Whereas air comes freed from value and no effort or coming up with is needed for breath, and sleep comes naturally at the top of a tough day’s work, it’s intake that we want to pay special attention to. Food is ready during a kitchen. It shouldn’t solely be alimentary, however Vastu Shastra lays down bound basic rules for the look of the kitchen and prescribes an area for everything in it, in addition because the rules for the person preparation the meal to make sure a healthy and happy life.

As per the Vastu Shastra, the kitchen ought to ideally be settled within the South-Eastern a part of the house. The ruling planet of the kitchen is alleged to be Venus, whereas hearth is kitchen structure’s ruling component.

Here’s what you wish to stay in mind whereas coming up with your kitchen style consistent with Vastu.

1. The kitchen shouldn’t be settled beneath or higher than the pooja space, rest kitchen or bedchamber. It ought to ideally be within the South-East corner of the most building or flat.

2. The most kitchen platform ought to be within the East or South-East corner of the house.

3. The stove or gas jet ought to be placed within the South-East corner, a couple of inches off from the wall.

4. An extension of the kitchen platform, in ‘L’ form, close to the South wall for keeping electrical appliances sort of a microwave, mixer, grinder etc. would be terribly auspicious.

5. The wash basin (sink) of the platform ought to be within the north-east corner as so much as attainable. The pitcher for the water and connected utensils ought to be in placed within the North-East or the side of the kitchen.

6. Storage boxes for essential commodities like grain, spices, pulses etc. ought to be unbroken within the South or the West direction.

7. The doorway door of the kitchen shouldn’t be in any of the corners. Kitchen doors within the East, the North and also the West are best suited.

8. The gas jet shouldn’t be right before of the most door of the kitchen.

9. There ought to be one or 2 windows or air vents within the East and also the West directions of the kitchen. A fan put in during this vent would be terribly helpful.

10. If there’s a table within the kitchen, it ought to be placed within the North-West or the side.

11. Light-weight utensils are often unbroken within the East or the north side.

12. Whereas preparation, one ought to ideally face towards the East.

13. The color of the ground and also the walls of the kitchen are also yellow, orange, rose, chocolate or red. However, as so much as attainable, the floors shouldn’t be black in color.

14. If white goods are unbroken within the kitchen, it ought to be placed within the South-East, South, West or North directions. It shouldn’t be placed within the North-East direction. If it’s within the South-West direction it ought to be a foot off from the corner, otherwise it should want constant repairs.

15. If the kitchen is within the North-East direction, mental tension will increase and one might suffer nice losses. If the kitchen is within the South-West direction, domestic harmony gets noncontiguous.

16. If the kitchen is within the North-West direction, expenditure of manage tends to extend. A kitchen within the North of the home is most dangerous, as this is often thought of to be Kubera’s place. The kitchen, therefore, might result in reserve expenses.

17. The kitchen in the dead of night ought to be clean and used utensils ought to be washed before sleeping.

18. Offer sacred offerings to fireplace from the primary factor you cook. it’ll guarantee peace and prosperity within the house.

Some of these rules could seem a little absurd to you initially, however rest assured they need the solid reasoning of Vastu Shastra backing them, and following them can keep you and your home healthy, moneyed and peaceful.

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