Astrology and Food Habit And Related Disease

There is a motivating co-relation between our intake habits and planetary weakness.

The colors we tend to like most area unit those that are weak in our sensation. In today’s time, we discover most of the folks carrying additional of red and black.


The color red rules direction and black rules disease. The younger generation lacks direction and their bodies’ are packed with infections or disease attributable to faulty intake habits. We tend to attract what we have to lack. We are able to tell most a few person by perceptive his/her intake habits.

Let us see how-

1. Rahu – Those with weak Rahu likes identical as Saturn and smoking and in larger quantities. They’re pot-bellied and certain to suffer a lot of physically. They lack discrimination and have weak can power.

2. Ketu – Those with weak Ketu, wish to eat food things manufactured from paneer and khataa-chatpatta food. They suffer issues associated with nerves. They additionally suffer from piles and acute acidity.

3. Sun- People who have weak Sun can place additional salt in their food. This may lead to weak bone, backbones issues associated with heart and abdomen.

4. Moon- People who have weak Moon can like rice to breads. They like juices with their food. This may lead to weak resolve, terribly emotional and issues with old ladies.

5. Mars – Those with weak Mars like hot and extremely spicy food. They like intense halwa. They’re doubtless to suffer from polygenic disease and usually lack support from brothers or other relatives.

6. Mercury – Those with weak Mercury likes intake eggs. They suffer from weak memory and weak system nervousness.

7. Venus-Those with weak Venus like curd and foods ready in desi drawn butter. They will suffer from sexual weakness and issues associated with the other sex.

8. Jupiter- Those with weak Jupiter likes chanaa daal and food things ready from besan. They typically lack support from elders.

9. Saturn – Those with weak Saturn like urad ki daal. They like bitter and cold foods. They’re keen on alcohol and addiction of tobacco. Legs and feet’s may weak areas.

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