Astrology Decide Who Can Take The Custody Of Child

There is dictum – ‘marriages are created in heavens’ that is true for a few couples however not for those couples who are surviving a rough patch in their married life. The cases of divorce are on an increase and custody of youngsters a significant issue. Who can get the custody? Once can it happen? These are the queries that bother the couples fighting for divorce. Allow us to associate alleys these queries from an astrology purpose of read.

The house of mother is fourth and of the daddy is ninth. The karaka of the mother is moon and of the daddy is sun. The location of separate planets i.e. Sun, Saturn, Rahu, mars and Ketu in these homes shows the chance of separation from father or mother. The Karakas also are afflicted and weak in strength.

The period of fundamental measure is once the dasa period of separate planets are operative. If the dasa amount shows a mixture of homes three and nine, custody goes to the daddy and if the mixture shows homes four and eight, custody goes to the mother. If the mixture shows three and eight in homes, custody goes to persons aside from folks. This could happen once the daddy or mother re-marries and also the kid stays with the grandparents or maternal uncle.

To conclude, once such a scenario arises, the science of astronomy will facilitate folks to require selections that are for the betterment of their kid.

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