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The Alphabets in Your Name Can Decide Your Business Path

There are many of us around they don’t seem to be ready to get applicable results even when plenty of effort. This makes them unhappy and hopeless. And after they don’t seem to be ready to move forward or achieve success in their life they get depressed and begin taking this as dangerous luck of their life. When experiencing a barrage of issues and struggles, they fully surrender on life! At this point after they are unable to seek out any resolution they begin touching on many astrologers so as to seek out any resolution for his or her dangerous luck. However if correct data like birth date, birth time, and birth place isn’t given it becomes tough to predict the right resolution for this drawback. Also, during this state of affairs with all incomplete data it becomes tough to predict the right career line for that person. Similar is that the case of business names. There are many of us are simply begin with any business name every which way, within the absence of all this data. With the […]

Astrological Faith behind the Birth Time of Child

Children are a gift from god to couples. The construct of mahurat of wedding was supported the logic in order that constant day the conception of a baby will born at the auspicious time. The ancient folks laid great emphasis on the time of conception of the child. The child is born twice, 1st at the time of conception and second once the delivery from the womb takes place. The lagna at the time of conception is named Adana lagna that rules the sensitive eighth month of a physiological state. If the conception takes place once Adana lagna is afflicted, it causes miscarriage and severe issues throughout physiological state amount. The horoscope of each the partners ought to be analyzed for couples facing issues in giving birth. The presence of pitra dosha about giving birth causes delays and even when medical treatment, the result’s negative. Astrology may be a super science and life science has its basis on this nice science. The strength of the 2nd, 5th and 10th houses ought to be analyzed. For a child, the planets – […]

What Does Your Birth Number Say About You?

Numerology is an ancient science of numbers. Through numbers, it provides an insight into a person’s life. However, how and where does one start with numerology to decode one’s personality? The simplest and the very first thing one can start with is the birth number or the birth date number. Your birth number reveals all your secrets! Calculating the birth number Each individual’s birth date number holds significance in their lives as it helps to develop their overall personality and characteristics. To begin with, one needs to jot their complete date of birth, e.g. 7th March 1969. Therefore, the birth number is 7 as the individual is born on 7th of March, i.e. 7th day in the month of March. If an individual’s birth date is in two digits, i.e. 27th, then their birth number will be 2+7=9. So let us decode what your birth number says about you! People with birth number is 1 Individuals born on dates 1, 10, 19 and 28 are considered to have birth number 1. Individuals with birth number 1 are bold, hold themselves […]