Colors Can Do Miracles For Your Zodiac!

Astrology, the knowledge in our ancient scriptures can provide answers to various mind-boggling questions about colors. In astrology, each planet and each zodiacal sign signifies a color. Black, blue and indigo colors are represented by planet Saturn. Saturn causes delays and is a planet of endurance, perseverance, self-control, sense of duty towards almighty and man, precaution in all matters. It develops in an individual truth, charity, power and meditation and concentration, sincerity and prudence. Saturn applies pressures. In judiciary, stakes involved are very high. Even death or heavy losses may be the result of imprudent judgment made in haste. Wearing black clothes means all people connected with judiciary are under influence of planet Saturn. By doing this, it is ensured that no undue haste is shown in judging a dispute and decisions are made only after taking due precaution in weighing all pros and cons of subject matter.

As brought out above, green color signifies balance between cool and warm. It is exactly at the center of spectrum and has medium wavelength. Astrologically this color is assigned to planet Mercury. Mercury rules over central nervous system. It is a planet of intelligence and is responsible for retentive power. Its chief domain is over mind, memory, intelligence, perception and knowledge. Doctor in an operation theatre is like a god for a patient. Slight negligence may be disastrous and may cause havoc.

In astrology the color red is represented by planet Mars. Mars is the signification of energy both constructive and destructive. Martians are sometimes said to be extremists. Mars signifies the fighting power. Mars gives determination and desire to succeed in material field. It makes native adventurous, ambitious, enthusiastic. However, if Mars are afflicted, it gives rash and aggressive spirit, combative and destructive nature. In such a case, it makes the native head strong, unruly, impulsive, quarrelsome and violent. All defense forces and police come under the ruler ship of Mars. It is a fact that if constructive part of Mars energy is to be made use of, it needs command of discipline.

In astrology if red color is handled with care, its energy can be constructive. Due to these qualities of Mars, red is color of celebration. A bride wears red clothes,  a set of red bangles, lipstick, nail polish and mehndi all in shades of red, as red signifies energy, ambition success in materialist world and signifies the rich and colorful nature of married life.

In an office, which involved purchases of behalf of other organizations, flies with black cover were used and everybody was perturbed with delays in finalization of purchases.

The effect of colors on life is of great significance to human beings. Colors have language of the own. Human being i.e. self has unlimited potential which can be explored to across any boundary. By tapping the magical influence of colors most effectively, success and prosperity can be ensured. By blending right colors in life, there can be definite improvement in health, financial position, prosperity and popularity. In fact we can make life colorful with colors of nature.


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