Dan, Punnya and Law of Karma: The Interconnection

Dan, Punnya and Law of Karma: The Interconnection

We like human beings are usually used to working for our own profit or profitable gain but at the same time charitable trust, contribution or giving for the sake of others, just for the sake of humankind is measured a noble title deed. Today we will measure up to the concept of charity with that of “daan” and see whether they destined he same thing. The idea of daan in Hinduism basically means giving something in order to help others and also they are done in order to improve one’s individual life.

What Benefits Can I Get By Doing Dan?

People ask me that if we do daan for the sake of profit, is it not any different from say any business deal or a selfish act. I can only say that what we classify as selfless act is essentially also done in order to have peace of mind.

How it works at subtle level?

You may wonder how giving something or helping others can help to get better your life. From the metaphysical point of analysis, the common life force pervades all formation and that is called by different names.

Best way to do daan

The best way of doing daan is not to give money to somebody but to help in the way most wanted and also to see if the help can become a long phrase help. For case in point if you give food to a hungry orphan child it is a great act, but if you can give education that might help the child to stand on his/her own feet and earn food for her or himself that is the greatest daan.You can give some clothes according to the weather conditions.

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