Dream Symbol and Symbolic Facts About Dream

Sleeping time is the most favorite time of generally every one and it is necessary to energize our body and mind for next day. Dreams are also an unavoidable part of sleeping and these are not useless as per Indian astrology, Vedic astrology, western astrology etc. Dreams show some special signs about past, present and future. But it is not easily understood by common person. Here i am going to reveal the facts of dreams astrology. Some dreams show the good luck while some frightening dreams are indicating about some problems in present and future.

Some Good Dreams or Auspicious Dreams Which Show Something Good:

  1. If you see sun in the dream then it means that very soon you are going to see a Saint or spiritual persons. Way to get blessings from this dream is confirmed in near future.
  2. If you see clouds in dream then be happy because this dreams is indicating that you are going to get growth in your business and work.
  3. In dreams if you see riding horse then it also shows growth in business.
  4. If anyone is looking at mirror in dreams or swapn then it shows the affairs. This dream shows the love with any female.
  5. If you see any rain that means very soon the cereals or grains are going to be cheap.
  6. Free from any debt is cleared if anyone see the cut hairs in dream or swapn.
  7. If anyone see latrine or shit in dreams then don’t be sad because it shows that very soon money will come from anywhere.
  8. White hairs in dreams show the increase in age.
  9. Dream of Climbing on any hill shows growth in life.
  10. Seeing eating shit shows that the person is going to get treasure soon.
  11. Flowers in dreams meaning meeting with lover.
  12. Elephant in dream meaning happiness and meeting female.
  13. Water in dreams meaning profit in any business.
  14. If you are eating betel (paan) in dreams that means you will get a beautiful lady.
  15. Sinking in water scene shows that you will do some good work.
  16. The dreams of green vegetables mean getting happiness.
  17. Seeing flag in dream shows that religious work will increase in life.
  18. Seeing a dead body means free from any disease.
  19. Seeing jewels in dreams means any wish is going to be fulfilled soon.
  20. Meeting with any female shows the increase in income.
  21. Gambling in dream means growth in business.
  22. Dream of moon means getting honor in society.
  23. If find yourself swimming in river that means some problem will go away.

Some Problematic Dreams or Inauspicious Dreams:

  1. In dreams if you find yourself falling from any height then it means that some problems will come.
  2. Dream of procession means sadness because of some incident.
  3. Finding you laughing also shows sadness.
  4. Ship dreams shows long journey.
  5. Seeing any frightening faces shows some impact of negative energies.
  6. Bite from snake means heavy pitra dosha or black magic.
  7. Accidents in dreams also shows problems in life so be careful.
  8. Blood in dreams also shows problems in life.

So don’t ignore the dreams but it is also not good to enter in phobia by having some frightening dreams. But if you are finding any negativity then it is good to consult a good astrologer and then follow the remedies told by him or her.


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