Gem Therapy In Vedic Astrological Remedies

The basic principal of gem medical aid is straightforward. If a planet is weak and is additionally useful and auspicious in birth the chart, then such a planet ought to be reinforced by gems of that planet.

Each astrological planet is related to a specific gem. The Bhashma of any Gems (powder extract) is extensively employed in piece of writing for its beneficial criteria. For astrometry functions, the gem is embedded within the ring or pendant in such a fashion that very base is untied, permitting the gem to the touch the body (Diamond is exclusion). Varahmihir, the author of ancient astrological text, Brihat Veda, recommends that a gem having a decent shine, clean and clear-color and while not flaws ensures smart luck and protection.

Gem therapy in vedic astrology reading

There are 2 theories on the employment of gem for astrological purpose. The primary relies on the principle of enhancing a specific ray or color result wherever the gem acts like electronic equipment. Source of this idea may be copied back to the Samhita, wherever humans’ are suggested to use the seven gems to collect the rays of the Sun over our body. Next premise envisages that the gemstone acts like cosmic filter, checking injurious rays from moving our bodies. Diseases are caused within the body attributable to deficiencies and also the use of bound gem supplement the deficiencies, which ends up in improvement of mood, health and energy.

Selection of a specific gem for religious writing astrological remedy could be a complicated method and solely a competent astrologist is capable of creating the correct alternative. Inappropriate use of gem is understood to own caused harmful aspect effects. Gem ought to be of fine qualities and while not flaws.

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