Goddess Katyayani Mantra for Love Marriage

Goddess Katyayani Mantra for Love Marriage

As the name implies, Goddess Katyayani is the 6th form of Maa Durga. This denotes strength and fights for our legitimate rights.  Our ancient people believe that Goddness Katyayani Mantra for Love Marriage is mention in Bhagavata purana.  Using this mantra for love marriage has a mythological story, is that Gopis wants to get married to Lord Krishna, this is why, and they worship of Maa Katyayani. From that time to till now, Goddness Katyayani Mantra is using to get love marriage or get out of delay in marriage issues.


Goddness Katyayani Mantra for Delay in Marriage

Once a while, cause of having Mangal dosha or ominous planet position. Some of the people undergo through those issues, the sake of that people have to endure society taunt.  If you ever go through such kind issues then let’s take help of Goddness Katyayani Mantra.


Chandrahasojvalakara shardulvarvahna

Katyayani Shubham Dadhayadevi Danavaghatni

Whenever you’ll start chanting a mantra, you’ll see effective sooner and gradually get an outcome of such kind of issues.  But remember, to take help of mantra and get a favorable result, you have to consult with Astrology specialist. 

 Goddness Katyayani Mantra for Love Marriage

This mantra is vastly spanned; After all, all people want to get married with their desired one along with love lasting and healthier love marriage.  If you are also one of them, looking to get love marriage but going through some issues then you have to use mantra which is given below.


Om Katyayani Mahamaye

Mahayoginyadheeshwari l Nandgopsutam

Devi Patim Me Kurute Namah

Whenever you will begin to chant this mantra, all obstacles and perturbed get out from your love marriage along with your parent will consent from your marriage. So instantly consult with a specialist and get married with your beloved.



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