Hindu scriptures says: once measure of milk in month is healthy cause of income growth

measures of milk

It is very well known that milk is healthiest element for everyone to get strength and energy. But do you know such measures of milk that can increase your income? Well, astrology is a huge ocean of tremendous tips regarding your health and wealth. In astrology milk related such tips are available that can become cause of income growth in your life. It is rightly believed that these measures of milk will remove all the bad time of a person and can relieve poverty. Prosperity in home, removal of shortage of money, success in life is some benefits of milk measures.

First measure
according to great Hindu mythologies reverence and following all the traditions regarding god parent is must to get success in life. If you want peacefulness and calmness in your and family member’s life then parent god should be happy from you and you cannot annoy them. For the fulfillment of parent god every person should follow a specific procedure like according to Hindu calendar on chaturdashi that comes before amavas , on that day people should offer milk to Bargad tree. This known as the tremendous measure to get glory of parent god.

Second measure
to remove the shortage of money the grace of lord Shiva can be achieved with measure of raw milk. On Monday wake up early and get free from all the daily routine tasks and then offer water to lord sun. After that you should worship of all the deities and then offer raw milk on Shivaling in a temple.

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