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Know about the Role of ‘’Diamond’’ in Astrology

Being the hardest stone a jeweler has to cut, diamond is also the hardest and very expensive stone found on our earth. Diamonds dwell in a special place in gemstones linked to astrology. Diamond can be damaged by any one for attractive purpose whoever can have enough money to buy them, but in astrology only a few people can be dressed in them. They be supposed to be braced on a gold bars ring and should be worn on the 4th finger.

Diamond Gemstone Astrology

Diamonds signify luxury and are related with the planet Venus. In astrology they are worn for their defensive power rather than their deluxe status. They are the most potent gem and are known for their fast results.

Characteristics of Diamond

They are related to power, color they have an effect on the sense of taste and are linked with remedial and protection of the base of the neck. Diamonds and other neutral gems are connected with the color navy. Enormous rays emit in indigo are related to fluid within and secreted by our body. Mucus, worry, sperm are some of these liquids in the body thus it is associated with the limb structure, discharge organs and hormones. Many of you may not know, but diamonds are also found in different colors such as

  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Purple

This color disparity is common with Zircon also.

Rich people or ruler of nation must wear pink diamonds. Common people should only wear different colors depending on their condition as they may affect them harmfully.

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