Palmistry to get knowledge of marriage age

The way we get the knowledge of time of marriage, married life, heath from the married place in janam kundali, in the same way marriage line in your hand depicts these all. If marriage line crosses the sun line then this marriage is known as incompatible. If marriage line touches the mind line then that person is killer of his wife. If one mercury mountain marriage line is divided into many parts then engagement can break many times.

If marriage line has a black spot then that person could not get happiness from his wife. If marriage line is higher up to pinky finger then that person remains bachelor.  If marriage line seems somewhere then and somewhere thick then it depicts unhealthiness of your partner. Wife of such types of people always remain unhealthy owing to this could not get happiness of married life.

Palm lines are mirror of our life. By reading a whole knowledge on these subject astrologers has given us many ideas to get the desired and fruitful results from the problems. It is a fundamental principle. No one cannot be against it. 40 % percent part of human life is including in married life. So examining this part we can make married life very beautiful and happy.

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