Samudra (ocean) scriptures; chin can describe your nature

Every part of human body is essential to make face of that person beautiful. If any one part of face is separated from face then it becomes ugly. Chin is also the most important part of your body that is just below of lips. According to samudra scriptures chin is of many types.

According to types of chin can know about the merits and demerits and nature of that human being. According to samudra shastra if chin is smooth and fleshy then it is auspicious and if chin is bent down and dry then it is inauspicious.

Normal chin
this chin is good fruitful. This type of chin is parallel to lips. This type of person always says true and follows their duties. These type of peoples are serious and less talking.

Round chin
round chin’s people are short tempered and get angry on even small things. These people do each task in hurry therefore they can damage their task. This type of people tries to show his angry nature but in reality they are coward.

Elliptical chin
this type of chin is auspicious. Such type of people is passionate, naughty, practical and high-minded. These people earn name in field of art. These types of people are open book.

Long chin
these people are versatile and are of stable mind. They make an aim and try everything to achieve that.

Small chin
these peoples are of lazy, unsatisfied nature.

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