Astrology Meets Business

Vedic Insight For Excellence In Business

Vedas are the shop house of entire information. God conjointly provides information relating to economy in four Vedas as a result of the hard-earned cash results in attainment of eternal happiness in life. Hence, whereas transmission information relating to finance and business God states in Yajurveda mantra 31/11 relating to Vaishya or a bourgeois – “YAT URU TADASYA VAISHYAHA AASEET” i.e., within the universe created by God he has nice strength in thighs and will laborious deeds with quickness, he travels throughout the country and abroad to make and distribute merchandise equitably throughout the country and abroad is true businessman/vaishyas. Such bourgeois is aware of all regarding business and agriculture. Atharvaveda Kand thirty one, Sukta fifteen and seventeen states- “AHAM INDRAM VANNIJAM CHAUDYAMI” i.e., I pray to God will business that “SAHA NAHA PURAHA ETA” that He could inspire us to progress within the path of business. This conjointly makes it clear that before beginning any auspicious work or business, invariably we must always bear in mind Almighty God. Mantra additional states:- “ARATIM PARIPANTHITAM MRIGAM NUDAN EESHANAHA MAHYAM DHANADHAHA ASTU.” […]