Color Symbolism in Hinduism

Importance And Secrets of Red Color in Hinduism

You know every color have its own importance in Hinduism and every color have deep significance. It seems that each color have specific signals which affect our mental, physical and psychological power. And it’s proven that colors can dramatically change the person’s mood, feelings and emotions too. Some important color which used in Hindu rituals is red, yellow and green. Importance of red color: Red color is a sign of power, sensuality, hungry, danger and energy. In Hinduism RED color is a symbol of “shakti” it is the color of goddess adishakti. Red is use for get blessings of god. And especially this color uses in auspicious events like marriage and religious ceremony. Married woman use this color in daily routine as a symbol of love called sindur or kumkum which have its own value in Hindu culture and which supplies an good marital life and prosperity. Especially in wedding red color plays an important role because in weddings Red color is directly connected to the goddess “Lajja Gowri” who is the goddess of fertility for blessings of god marital […]