Does marriage really depends on Kundali and Gunas?

4 Reasons Why Kundli Matching is Important before You Marry!

Marriage is a turning point and an important phase in the lives of two people and their families also. This wonderful relationship ties two souls, mutually for lifetime and afar. It is a new start of relation a beginning in which every man and woman waits since they enter into an age where they feel ready for this obligation. We often see a mixture of rituals before a Hindu marriage takes place at every point. Many families in India before deciding to get their children married match their detailed birth charts to see whether their stars are compatible or not which each other. So what does this kundli matching mean? And what does it say? Is it really important to Match? So there are some reasons that will explain that Why Kundli matching is Important Before marriage?   How Compatible Are the Two Souls One major reason why kundli is matched before marriage is to understand how well-suited the bride and groom are with each other. As per astrology or in Vedic there are 36 gunas in total which are matched […]