Facts about Vastu

Importance Of Plants For Health And Life in Indian Feng-Shui

THE SPIRIT of the house comes alive once happiness prevails. One will rely upon principle to form the inhabitants feel robust and completed. Alongside lights, sounds, music, colors, and water, plants are essential tools to form a healthy and energetic ambiance. Growing plant life signifies smart principle. Plants usher in the “wood element” and it’s useful to grow them within the Eastern and southeastern components of the workplace or house. They carry about steady growth in career and increase long life. Located within the south, they carry name, fame and eminence. Plants are wont to counteract offending corners that stick out. Very big plants will be placed before of such corners and pillars to deflect the shar-chi or poison arrows created by such protrusions. However, it’s important to stay them in restraint by curtailing and trimming them frequently. Dying plants ought to be straightaway discarded. Prickly plants just like the succulent produce small silvers of toxic energy which might cause unhealthiness and misfortunes. They’re best placed outside the house or workplace wherever they war protecting roles. Some plants play an […]

These Palms can change your luck- Auspicious and ominous signs

These Palms can change your luck- Auspicious and ominous signs According to Palm’s sharp lines created in hastharekha Astrology-lives, sometimes worsening in the Palm lines become augur sometimes sharp lines are ominous signs. Learn some of the auspicious Palm-ominous sign here . Good sign of hastharekha If a person from the Sun in the Palm line is a branch of the mountain master individual government official is created. If in the Palm to be detailed and auspicious Venus Mountain this ominous signs the person’s health is not good. Thankfully the part indeed holds down mount Angus says, this appears to have been struck by the lifeline mountain. A small triangle on the mercury person can get higher rank in Administrative Department. The length of the line brain health line and the fate line is this limited to augur. Who keeps the best of health?   Hastharekha ominous signs If both Palms heart line appears weak and vague so people can be lazy and doodle. If maniibandh on the same line and is also the person’s life is incomplete and have […]

Some important & Interesting Facts about Vastu

Some important & Interesting Facts about Vastu Vastu is a Sanskrit word that means architecture and the science of manner is called Vastu shastrra.  It is a mainly an Indian concept that was used by generation to construct houses and building. But, in the previous few years the rich and the well-known started using this era old skill in modern day the benefits were felt and soon everyone wanted to have a house that followed the basic rules of Vastu. What exactly is this science? Fine Vastu believe that the world is made up of five elements earth, water, space, air and fire. It all depends on how we place these elements in our house. The placement of these elements can improve wealth, calm, health etc. For example according to Vastu the kitchen should be in the southeast. As this part of the home is slightest effected by dust and germs it helps to cook healthy foodstuff. The main door of the house should be in east or northeast this brings in success to the house. A bedroom should be in the south to […]