palmistry astrology tips to become rich ?

These two signs make your life graceful with Lakshmi- Vishnu yoga

Palm line signals the events that are correlated with human life incidents. Many small signs and various kinds of shapes describe your nature and behavior completely and disclose a lot of things about you.  Sign of Swastika and lotus creates auspicious signs of Lord Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi. On the basis of this effect according to personal virtues a person gets success and prosperity in his life. Location of these two signs in your palm describes very important nature of your life or things. About location of swastika sign in your hand id told here. Sign of Swastika makes yoga of Lakshmi swastika sign is symbol of richness. It is said that if anyone has a swastika sign in his hand then an individual who take birth in poor family becomes rich with his hard work and destiny. According to richness of palmistry this sign signals of richness and an individual gets work, salvation, religion and meaning in his life. If this sign is situated on fate line such person is really very lucky who has a swastika sign on […]