Uses Of Diamond In Astrology

Colors Can Do Miracles For Your Zodiac!

Astrology, the knowledge in our ancient scriptures can provide answers to various mind-boggling questions about colors. In astrology, each planet and each zodiacal sign signifies a color. Black, blue and indigo colors are represented by planet Saturn. Saturn causes delays and is a planet of endurance, perseverance, self-control, sense of duty towards almighty and man, precaution in all matters. It develops in an individual truth, charity, power and meditation and concentration, sincerity and prudence. Saturn applies pressures. In judiciary, stakes involved are very high. Even death or heavy losses may be the result of imprudent judgment made in haste. Wearing black clothes means all people connected with judiciary are under influence of planet Saturn. By doing this, it is ensured that no undue haste is shown in judging a dispute and decisions are made only after taking due precaution in weighing all pros and cons of subject matter. As brought out above, green color signifies balance between cool and warm. It is exactly at the center of spectrum and has medium wavelength. Astrologically this color is assigned to planet Mercury. […]

Gem Therapy In Vedic Astrological Remedies

The basic principal of gem medical aid is straightforward. If a planet is weak and is additionally useful and auspicious in birth the chart, then such a planet ought to be reinforced by gems of that planet. Each astrological planet is related to a specific gem. The Bhashma of any Gems (powder extract) is extensively employed in piece of writing for its beneficial criteria. For astrometry functions, the gem is embedded within the ring or pendant in such a fashion that very base is untied, permitting the gem to the touch the body (Diamond is exclusion). Varahmihir, the author of ancient astrological text, Brihat Veda, recommends that a gem having a decent shine, clean and clear-color and while not flaws ensures smart luck and protection. Gem therapy in vedic astrology reading There are 2 theories on the employment of gem for astrological purpose. The primary relies on the principle of enhancing a specific ray or color result wherever the gem acts like electronic equipment. Source of this idea may be copied back to the Samhita, wherever humans’ are suggested to […]

Know about the Role of ‘’Diamond’’ in Astrology

Being the hardest stone a jeweler has to cut, diamond is also the hardest and very expensive stone found on our earth. Diamonds dwell in a special place in gemstones linked to astrology. Diamond can be damaged by any one for attractive purpose whoever can have enough money to buy them, but in astrology only a few people can be dressed in them. They be supposed to be braced on a gold bars ring and should be worn on the 4th finger. Diamond Gemstone Astrology Diamonds signify luxury and are related with the planet Venus. In astrology they are worn for their defensive power rather than their deluxe status. They are the most potent gem and are known for their fast results. Characteristics of Diamond They are related to power, color they have an effect on the sense of taste and are linked with remedial and protection of the base of the neck. Diamonds and other neutral gems are connected with the color navy. Enormous rays emit in indigo are related to fluid within and secreted by our body. Mucus, worry, […]