These Palms can change your luck- Auspicious and ominous signs

These Palms can change your luck- Auspicious and ominous signs

According to Palm’s sharp lines created in hastharekha Astrology-lives, sometimes worsening in the Palm lines become augur sometimes sharp lines are ominous signs. Learn some of the auspicious Palm-ominous sign here .

Good sign of hastharekha

  1. If a person from the Sun in the Palm line is a branch of the mountain master individual government official is created.
  2. If in the Palm to be detailed and auspicious Venus Mountain this ominous signs the person’s health is not good. Thankfully the part indeed holds down mount Angus says, this appears to have been struck by the lifeline mountain.
  3. A small triangle on the mercury person can get higher rank in Administrative Department.
  4. The length of the line brain health line and the fate line is this limited to augur. Who keeps the best of health?


Hastharekha ominous signs

  1. If both Palms heart line appears weak and vague so people can be lazy and doodle.
  2. If maniibandh on the same line and is also the person’s life is incomplete and have nicer life is not an enthusiastic.
  3. Both of the Palms are visible while Mars mountain buried person cannot achieve a feat. These people don’t have any work to show curiosity.
  4. If a person possesses wealth i.e. fate in the Palm line of addition (+) in the life of misery are received.
  5. If the brain is very small so the line person finds the same death pangs.




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  • Andry says:

    Vijay You can belive in aortslogy. After all it is a belief nobody can question that. But Statements like Astrology is more of a science that combines astronomy and statistics. It’s a study of patterns of impacts created by planetary movements on us can be given only by people who made deep study on aortslogy and it has to be proved. Astrology is a belief till now and you prove it as a science. Very simple.

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