Things To Throw Away Now From Your Home!

Some time it’s happen that there is some negative energy’s are there in our home and it causes a bad luck but we aren’t able to identify the reason behind that bad luck so the answer can be Feng shui.

Feng shui, or the primordial art of placement, it’s just a matter of positioning particular objects in certain areas. It also involves elimination your space of items that create venomous energy. If you want to create a home that is joyous, warm, and comfortable, do away with it of the following items. And you’ll surly notice an immediate improvement.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers create bad feng shui impact in our home. And that’s because they represent sluggish energy. When there was an dried flower in our home it Automatically Create an Negative energy and it becomes difficult to live in the moment

Broken Machinery

According to feng shui electronic objects represent strength and power in home. Broken machinery or appliances will sooner or later noticeable in your life as a failed relationship, health problem or deadly work situation. So either take the equipment to be fixed or throw it out from home. Or It’s better to leave a space empty than fill it with a faulty Electronic Item.

Drugs Past the Expiration Date

According to Feng Shui Keeping medicines and cosmetics past their expiration dates is not only dangerous to your health if you take them but it’s also bad for your home also. Such items contain negative energy that can make it difficult for you to relax, rejuvenate, and release. So go through your medicine and bathroom cabinets and discard any medicines and toiletries that are too old.

Old Food in the Refrigerator
as in Feng shui food is as a symbol of your ability to give and receive love and affection. As a result, having a refrigerator full of old food can really compromise your relationships and your health. So go through your refrigerator on a weekly basis, checking your containers, your drawers, and as well racks also for food which is too old.


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