How to Make Your Husband Listen to You?

How to Make Your Husband Listen

Married life runs on mutual understanding and love of two people. Sometimes it is seen that the husband does not pay attention to the words of his wife, due to which the women remain very unhappy. They do not even get the pleasures of married life. She gets stressed due to the neglect of her husband, it is often seen that such women are very sensitive. If all this is happening to you too, then some remedies have been given in astrology for this. There is a mention of these measures in the folk beliefs, which you can use to get love problem solution.

Light A Lamp

Make a lamp out of cow dung. Light a lamp by putting mustard oil, red cotton wick and jaggery in this lamp, but remember that the lamp should be kept inside the door, do this remedy from Saturday to Saturday. If you want, you can also try this remedy on 11th or 21st Saturday.

Feed Sweets

On every Friday, call a girl and feed her white sweet things. Do this for 11-21 or 51 days starting from Shukla Paksha. This remedy is considered very effective for prosperity and love in the household. By this remedy, the grace of Goddess Lakshmi is obtained.

Peace Will Come

While sleeping at night, keep vermilion under the head of the husband and keep camphor towards yourself. The next day, put vermilion in Tulsi in the morning so that it does not touch the feet. Light the camphor in the evening and rotate it in the house, it will keep happiness and peace in the house.

Do this remedy on Monday or Saturday

There is also a trick to keep the husband in your bus, that you should use self-ground flour instead of packaged flour. Before sending the wheat to the mill, add black gram to it. Get it crushed by sending it to the mill on any Monday or Saturday.

Wish Will Be Fulfilled

Light a lamp of ghee regularly in front of the idol or picture of Shiva-Parvati and recite Shiva Chalisa stating your wishes. If this remedy is done with devotion in Sawan, then the benefits are received quickly. If you want to know more then consult world famous astrologer.

Benefits of chanting the mantra

Along with these measures, chanting of mantras is also necessary. To maintain the happiness of married life, chanting the mantra ‘Om Hreem Klein Hoon Matangyai Phat Swaha’ 108 times daily in front of Matangi Yantra can also be beneficial.

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